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Yantai Longcheng Pneumatic Blade Co., Ltd. has developed the blade production technologies since its establishment in 1982. It is the only professional blade manufacturer with more than 500 varieties of various sizes. Covering an area of 1,600 square meters, the company has total assets of RMB 5 million and 80 employees including 23 technicians. Equipped with 20 sets of special blade production equipment, it reaches an annual output of 20 million blades and an output value of RMB 5 million. The products are well sold to not only the domestic leading manufacturers of pneumatic tools, but also the large foreign clients from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other developed countries and regions, such as Ingersoll Rand, Toku, and Claudius Peters, enjoying a high reputation from domestic and foreign customers. The company adopts the production of blades, rather than piercing, through impact molding of materials, then warming compression molding after the addition of molds, and finally precision finishing by special machine tools. In this way, the blades are featured by high density, wear resistance, unlikely deformation, and long service life. The product quality is approved qualified after tested by Xi'an Institute of Insulants. Moreover, outfitted with lathe, linear cutting bed, surface grinding machine and other mechanical equipment for blades and molds making, the company is able to manufacture blades of various sizes and shapes in a timely manner according to customer's drawings. The company would like to, in the principle of Equality, Mutual Benefit, Reciprocity, conduct sincere cooperation with friends at home and abroad for common development.
How to improve the service life of the mold in practice?
In practice, the method of increasing the service life of the mold: 1. Keep the position of the mold parts stable When the mold is working, all the parts on the mold are required to maintain a stable design position. The mold processing gap includes uniform matching of punching, bending, forming and the like, and is an important aspect of controlling the relative position. 2. Material control in stamping During the entire stamping process, how to ensure the position and support of the material to be stamped should consider the stress and strain of the material, as well as the constraints of the material. 3. Vibration control during mold operation In order to extend the life of the mold, if the effective part of the punch is intentionally lengthened, measures should be taken to prevent the skew or twist caused by the vibration of the punch. 4. Waste control of parts The increase in scrap is due to the excessive clearance. The tensile force acting on the material during punching makes the stamping part smaller than the die hole, and the scraping is caused by the vacuum suction caused by the bottom surface of the punch and the scrap. . 5, mold load control It is required that the load center of the mold and the pressure center of the punch are substantially identical in the front, rear, left and right directions. In short, if the above five aspects are fully considered in the design of the mold, the service life of the mold can be greatly improved, the maintenance cost of the mold can be reduced, and the economic burden of the enterprise can be reduced.
Hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry last year's output value increased by 4%
Hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry last year's output value increased by 4%
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